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Better Radio Websites

The podcast for radio professionals who want to see their website generate more traffic and revenue. Each week your host, Jim Sherwood, and his special guests give you time-tested tips and secret tricks to ensure your radio station dominates digital in your market.

Quick Tips: Pro Images, Security and Knowing Your Website

Nov 21, 2022
Today, we're introducing a new periodic feature of "Quick Tips".  These five tips might not demand a full blog post or podcast episode but are very good to know.Get more detailed...

Website Cache Explained: How it Makes Your Site Faster

Nov 14, 2022
“Cache” is a term coined back in 1967 by IBM System Journal’s editor Lyle R. Johnson. It works on a simple principle: providing temporary storage for computed content to be accessed later....

Create Banner Ads that Get Results

Nov 07, 2022
Banner ads are everywhere because they’re an affordable, measurable, and effective way to increase brand awareness.  For radio stations wanting to make any revenue online, they are...

Owning Small Business Saturday

Oct 31, 2022
Small Business Saturday, observed on the last Saturday of November, was created by American Express during the 2010 recession to encourage people to

15 Website Mistakes that Cost Visitors and Revenue

Oct 24, 2022
Our podcast and blog aim to help you and your station generate more visitors and revenue. So, it's only fitting that we list out several website mistakes that could cost you both.Get...

Steps to Take Before Offering Digital Services

Sep 26, 2022
You’ve undoubtedly noticed a dramatic increase in digital sales over the last several years. Large radio groups were the first to see the writing on the wall that told them they needed to expand...

Generating Revenue from Sponsored Content

Sep 19, 2022
Sponsored content started in print publications and has been around for decades. Today, we’re exposed to sponsored content daily, and most of the time, we’re entirely unaware of it. So, why...

Our Recommended Tools and Services for Creating Online Content

Sep 12, 2022
With every station website we create, we’re asked about what tools and services we use. So, in this post, we’ll cover what we use and offer some alternatives.Image Editing...

Copyright and Your Radio Station Website

Sep 05, 2022
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