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Better Radio Websites

The podcast for radio professionals who want to see their website generate more traffic and revenue. Each week your host, Jim Sherwood, and his special guests give you time-tested tips and secret tricks to ensure your radio station dominates digital in your market.

Radio Station Website Spotlight: Boswell Media

Jan 24, 2022

Periodically, we’ll talk to station owners and digital content directors about the great things happening in their market and with their websites.  It’s fitting that we kick off the first... Read more.

Differences Between the Radio Station Website Getting 20K Visitors/Day Versus 100 Visitors/Day

Jan 17, 2022

We believe more radio people should adjust their mindset and think of your station website as a sister radio station. You want visitors to come back day after day. So, just like your radio station,... Read more.

Creating Effective Radio Station Newsletters

Jan 10, 2022

We’ve always preached here to do all you can to drive traffic back to the website where you can monetize it. Newsletters are an awesome way to do that and inform your listeners. Have your doubts?... Read more.

4 Tips to Boost your Website Traffic

Jan 03, 2022

Just because you’ve built a website for your radio station does not mean visitors will start flowing in. Thankfully, there are some tactics that you can employ right now to boost your visitors.... Read more.

New Year Resolutions for your Radio Station Website

Dec 27, 2021

Every year at this time it’s customary to look back on the previous year and examine things you could be doing better, and this should include your station website. Here are eight website... Read more.

Choosing the Best Image File Type and Format

Dec 20, 2021

We’re visual by nature and visually driven. We perceive pictures faster than words, so images are scanned first, before the text. It’s important to include images on your station website.... Read more.

Creating a "Best of" Online Campaign

Dec 13, 2021

One of the neatest and surprisingly easiest ways we’ve seen to engage with your local community is to offer a “Best of” campaign on your radio station website. These are created for your... Read more.

10 Mistakes to Avoid That Annoy Your Visitors

Nov 29, 2021

Any successful website, whether it’s for a radio station or not, needs to do all it can to keep visitors coming back regularly… multiple times per day is ideal, but at least once per day. Great... Read more.

Free Website Speed Testing Tools

Nov 22, 2021

The speed of any website helps form the first impression for a visitor of that website and the business it represents. Developers and content creators strive hard to make a website aesthetically... Read more.

Are Visitors Reading Your Content?

Nov 15, 2021

You can spend a lot of time creating content so that your listeners and website visitor stay informed. This great content helps with search engine optimization as well. But what if there were... Read more.

Defining Your Radio Station Website Goals

Nov 08, 2021

Before you sit down to make your list of website goals, you need to know why your site exists. Please don’t say, “because everyone including my competitor does” or “for better branding”.... Read more.

Seven Reasons Why You Need a Market/Corporate Website

Nov 01, 2021

Each week we explain ways to make your radio station website more appealing to listeners, but what are you doing online to attract more advertisers?  How are they finding out about all the... Read more.