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Dad Interviews Daughter Every First Day of School For 13 Years!

This is so sweet!! Definitely makes you feel some type of way right? It's such an amazing thing to be able to look back on and have! She'll be... Read More.

Youtuber Turns Her NEW Tesla Into Pickup Truck!

This is sooo cool!! Youtuber Simone Giertz bought a brand new Tesla and turned it into a pickup truck! What do you think Elon Musk's response to this will... Read More.

Mariah Carey Does Bottle Cap Challenge!

https://youtu.be/UGOuZv5pjXA Alright the challenge is officially over! lol I'm not sure who came up with this challenge but it's all over social media so I'm sure you've seen it somewhere. It's... Read More.

Adopt Talita

Talita from Paws4Thought Animal Rescue is a one month old pup. She is a shy but very sweet girl. She loves other dogs and needs to have a stable dog... Read More.

First Time Flyer Gets On Conveyor Belt Thinking It Will Take Her To Plane

First Time Flyer Gets On Conveyor Belt At Check In Thinking It Will Take Her To Plane. I've done some things that made me feel embarrassed in the past... Read More.

Check out the Official Zombieland 2: Double Tap Movie Trailer 2019

I can't wait to see this. Looks so good! https://youtu.be/DjelrTXP21I  

About Sanford & Lamont

About Jane Sanford

LAUNCHFM is the best job in the world!! Even though I’m up at 3:30 every weekday morning getting my fitness on with my four dogs, I’ve managed to stay married and raise five energetic kids … ehem. After my on-air shift 6-10 a.m., I love getting out and helping folks in our great city … serving on the Star of Hope and 100 Club boards, among others. I’ve tried to stay healthy and energetic by cutting back on coffee and sugar but I constantly fail – HELP! The most important thing I’ve learned while here at LAUNCHFM, our local listeners are the kindest, smartest, most patient people (sitting in traffic, how could they not be?) who work really hard to be the best they can be!


About Lamont Isley

First and foremost, I am a father of two wonderful little girls, I love all animals, I still read comic books, and I'm a sports fan! GO BULLS! My favorite artist is Bryan Adams, and if I was stuck on a deserted island with a radio that played only one song over & over...that song would be "Summer Of 69". My first job ever was as a DJ at Tippon Hills Roller Rink. Yes, that was me wearing the referee shirt & announcing the "couples skate", and it was fun. I'm a bit of a thrillseeker too! I love roller coasters and I'd like to skydive someday. I have a wonderful woman in my life named Lafonda. Most of all, I love being on the radio and working with great people here at LAUNCHFM.


About PJ

PJ is a huge music fan with a broad interest in almost all genres of music. Two kids, Dakota and Savannah. When he's not at work, you will most likely find him on his boat with his fiancé Wendy. PJ is a total radio geek and loves getting out meeting our listeners, so next time you hear him live on location, be sure to stop by and say hi!


About Anthony

I've lived here the majority of my life and started working for LAUNCHFM in the Promotions Department in 2009. Then, the program director gave me a life-changing opportunity. I began with some producing duties and an air shift here and there, but I'm now producer of the LAUNCH Morning show.