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Styx will release its 16th studio album, Crash Of The Crown on June 18th. Udiscovermusic.com posted the album "will be available on clear vinyl, black vinyl, CD and digital platforms." It's available for pre-order on the band's Styxworld.com website now.

Frontman and keyboardist Lawrence Gowan said of the title track, which was dropped yesterday (May 6th): "I'm always looking for the one different thing we can do and still have it be Styx, and that's the song I'm most proud of. The beauty of it is that it's the culmination of all our talents crammed together into one song, Abbey Road-style. I also got to use some gear I never thought I'd have the chance to play on a Styx record like Tommy (Shaw)'s Hammond B3 organ, my mini-moog, and my mellotron."

When we last caught up to Lawrence Gowan he told us he knows exactly what the Styx fanbase will accept in terms of new material: ["Just the manner in which we go about learning something and performing it for people, I just have a confidence with how they're gonna react to it."] SOUNDCUE (:06 OC: . . . react to it)

Guitarist Tommy Shaw told us how his partner in crime, James "J.Y." Young, can come up with a legendary guitar part at the drop of a dime: ["James Young is one of these guys, when he sits down, I'm always thinking — 'Where's my phone?' when he has the guitar out (laughs). 'Cause the things that flu off of his hands, for one thing, for the life of me, I cannot figure out his thought process playing the lead guitar. So, I'm always listening to, 'okay, what's he doing there?' And then, if he continues down this thread, it's like, (laughs) 'where's my phone?' 'Cause you've gotta capture it."] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . gotta capture it)

Tommy Shaw On JY Young’s Guitar Ideas :

Lawrence Gowan Says He Knows Fans Will Appreciate New Styx Music :

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