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Paul McCartney will be honored with a special set of 12 different stamps from Britain's Royal Mail. The Sun reported "Macca" worked closely to design the stamps, which feature McCartney at home and in the studio recording between 1969 and 1989.

Other stamps include full-on reproductions of such classics albums as 1970's McCartney, 1971's Ram, 1975's Venus And Mars, 1980's McCartney II, 1982's Tug Of War, 1989's Flowers In The Dirt, 1997's Flaming Pie, 2018's Egypt Station, and his most recent set, 2020's McCartney III. All the stamps go on sale on May 28th. McCartney follows David Bowie and Elton John, who got their own set of Royal Mail stamps in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

The Royal Mail’s David Gold said in a statement: "Paul McCartney remains a vital figure at the center of rock and pop. An artist whose legacy is immense, but whose work continues to generate popular attention and critical acclaim. This dedicated stamp issue is a fitting tribute to one of the UK’s much loved and revered musical icons."

Paul McCartney admits that after spending decades in the business, he'd be insane to think that he could top all the highlights of his past Beatles and solo career. He told us that at this stage of the game, he's far too busy having fun to be intimidated by his historic past: ["You've got this body of work, and you could get a bit intimidated by it and go 'Oh my God, I've done this — I can never write again!' But I kind of like it so much, I like the process so much that, perhaps foolishly, that doesn't really occur to me. I just go 'Yeah, I'm gonna have a go,' like I always did. I sort of start with nothing and end up with something."] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . up with something)

To view and/or purchase the assorted Paul McCartney Royal Mail stamp sets, log on to: https://bit.ly/3uoHhRG

Paul McCartney Says He’s Not Intimidated By His Past :

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