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Although cigarette usage among teens seems to be declining, vape usage is rising. While vaping is being marketed to be a safer alternative to cigarettes, it is not completely harmless.  Vaping generates a water vapor through an electronic device instead of smoke, but vaping liquid still contains chemicals and most also contain nicotine.  While most teens think vaping is safe and non-addictive, by using nicotine, teens are still at risk of becoming addicted.  Nicotine has been found to be harmful to a developing brain by disrupting brain cells and causing impulse control issues in addition to causing mood disorders.  Studies have also shown that vape usage eventually leads to cigarette smoking later in life.

Although it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase a vape or vaping liquid, many teens are still finding ways to obtain the items.  High school officials state that vape usage is a growing problem and is hard to regulate.  Parents are urged to talk to their teens about the dangers of vaping and the possibility of long term effects that have yet to be discovered.




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